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Plain Page Layout Simple
Under A Minute site with no images, just text to convey a few brief statements or facts. Pretty dull, garaunteed to make visitors press "back" immediately.
Basic Page Layout Basic
Title image or text at the top of the page with indented text. Images related closely to the text content are aligned to the right, other larger images are centered.
Double Column Double Column
Title image or text at the top of the page with two columns of text. This layout is particularly good when there is a large text content in the page. Similar to newspapers and magazines, it aids the reader when column widths are kept to a reasonable size.
Simple Page Layout Top Menu
Menu is placed at the top of the page, near the title image or text. Offers quick and easy naviagtion to other pages in the site. As space is limited to the width of the page, only a limited number of links can be placed here.

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