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Plain Page Layout Left Side Menu
By far the most popular and over-used page layout either by frames or tabulated. This offers visitors a familiar appearance, where they will be able to navigate through many pages at ease. If used incorrectly is can leave pages unbalanced.
Basic Page Layout Left Side and Top Menu
This is more pleasing to the eye than the previous layout. It offers a more immediate form of navigation at the head of the page, but also has enough space to list a great number of other links down the side.
Double Column Left and Right Side Menus
Extremely useful with large sites, menus on both sides of the page offer lots of space for links to other pages and sections in the site. Unfortunately the content in the centre has to be condensed, normally by reducing font size, to avoid over scrolling.
Top Menu Right Side Menu
Right side menus are becoming increasingly popular. It appears the main reason for using this layout is to be different from the standard Left side menus. The difficulty with this layout is having a balanced page, without too much open space on the left.

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