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If you are considering having webforge create and managing your website, your investment will be very rewarding in both the short and long term. If you like our service, please contact us with no obligations involved!

Firstly When you contact us to commission a website, we will provide any information that is required. If you want us to register own domain (.com; .net; .co.uk; .au etc.), use a previous internet or intranet server, or just host your site on one of our many servers, the decision is yours. Other additional options for your site can be made at this stage, if you are concerned or just need help, please feel free to mail us
Planning Before even starting designing your website we would gather information on the type of business or interests to be covered. If you wish you can have a major part to play in this process, we welcome your idea and listen to what you have to say, either using email, phone or ICQ chat. In addition we will not mention a word of jargon without explaining its implementations beforehand. If, however you leave the design entirely in our capable hands, we will endeavor to create a tasteful design and layout in fitting with the content of the site.
Content Unless you want to add the content later, this is time to provide us with the informational content you wish to use in your site. The media we support is immense. You can name a previous website, email files, post disks, CDs, printed matter and photos, or even transmit files through data-phone. We also accept all forms of document, including Office 2000, Mac formats or just plain text files.
Approval Before we "place pen to paper", a full blue-print of the design will be privately posted on on of our servers just for you. If you would like any changes made in any part of the site, however large or small, your comments at this point are very welcome.
Designing During the building of your website will follow any requests made by you and create a totally original and imaginative website. This site will be viewable by all the modern browser versions (from Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 3 and upwards) and popular alternative browsers. If we need to ask about details to be included in the site, we contact you.
Online After a thorough checking, we will upload your site to your chosen destination. You will be contacted before we upload any files, just in-case something needs changing at the last minute. The site, if on the internet and meant for public view, will be submitted to over 500 search engines including Altavista, Yahoo, Lycos and Excite.
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